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Earning Money With Forums & Communities

Ad Network For Forums

Linkbucks was built to help forum owners, moderators, and admins earn revenue without resorting to annoying in-page advertising. Read on to find out more about how Linkbucks can earn you money and strengthen your community.

Linkbucks is a forum-centric ad network

Because our program was designed with forums in mind, we've made it as easy as possible to integrate our links into your forums. Paid links can be generated in BBcode, HTML, or automatically so that you can profit off of all outbound links.

Monetize your outbound traffic

Every forum sends visitors to other websites. With Linkbucks, you can instantly turn these links into dollars by adding our easy-to-use code.

Photo gallery builder

We've made it easy to convert photo galleries from picture hosting sites into paying Linkbucks links. Just drop their photos into our link generator and your thumbnails will be generated on-the-fly and ready to earn you money.

Become a revenue-sharing community to grow membership

With Linkbucks, your entire community can profit from all outbound traffic. Our referral program will allow you to register all of your members as referrals, thereby giving you 20% of all their earnings as well as 5% of the earnings from the people they send in. From then on, your forum members will earn money for their links, and you'll get a % of all earnings for life.

Earning money for posting in your forum encourages members to engage with your forum and become more active participants. You'll also see your membership numbers surge as more people will want to join your community.