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Advertising Placements

Ad formats

Interstitial/Intermission: These ads appear between pages and have the visitor's full attention for 10 seconds.

Advertising Rates

Here are some of our key features:

  • They will have JavaScript, Cookies, and Flash enabled otherwise the traffic is free
  • Visitors to your website must stay for 5 seconds otherwise the traffic is free
  • We offer the lowest advertising rates for social marketing and the best results
  • We accept adult-orientated advertising, something not found at our competitors
  • We have a very large inventory with traffic in millions per day
  • We sell traffic on bidding basis which allows you to get more traffic when needed. More Info
  • You can limit traffic delivered to your website to be unique visitors only
  • For Intermission ads you can choose whether to show your ads to visitors from Mobile devices or Desktop computers
  • You can choose how you want traffic to be served: evenly distributed throughout the day or provided as much as possible

Most of our advertisers receive at least 50% additional free traffic due to our strict requirements. We have a very low minimum
deposit amount of $20.00 to get you started right away. Create a campaign today!

  • Please either sign up for an account or login here to create a campaign. Click on the advertising tab at the top once logged in.

Campaign Management

We provide an excellent system for managing your campaign inventory. Campaigns can be targeted for specific days
of the week including how much money they can use spend on a daily basis. It's also very easy to make changes
to your campaign while its running.

Real-time Campaign Analytics

There is no need to wait hours before you can see how your campaign is performing. We offer real-time reporting
on your campaigns and employ hourly smoothing algorithms that will allow you to control how the traffic
is spreaded during the day.

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