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Earn More By Referring Your Friends

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The Linkbucks referral program is one of easiest ways to earn money. Our three-tiered program pays you for the members you send to us, the members that those members send, and also the ones that they send as well!

How the referral system works

Each Linkbucks member gets a special referral link that you can give to your friends and that will appear on every link you generate. For each person that joins through one of these links, Linkbucks will pay you 10% of their earnings for life. In addition to that, you'll also get 5% of the earnings from the members that your referrals send in! Finally, you'll also earn 1% of the earnings from every member that those people send in as well.

The best ways to promote

- Post articles and blogs about your experience with Linkbucks.
- Use your referral link in signature and profiles on forums.
- Add your link on your social networking sites.
- Use our banners and buttons.
- Tell your friends, family members, and anyone else who might be interested.